Hi, i’m Sludy

Nationality: South African

music genres: Amapiono


Sludy is a talented South African born artist known for his Hip-Hop/R&B/House/Afro Pop -style vocals, which are featured in his own hit songs as well as collaborations with various artists from any other genres unbounded. He is better known by his hit single” Release My Stress” Sludy originally known As the last ingredient. Sludy is not just a lyricist, but also a producer and recorded each track on his soon to be released 20 tracks album, it is the spice of all genres, Ever since… he never stops dreaming. After writing stories and poems as a child, he put to music some lyrics about things that are happening in our daily lives. He released multiple singles such as “Modimo Wa Lerato,- “Lengoloi”,-“ Moshimana Lebowa”-“Leeto” –“It Breaks My Heart” and many more, which brought him to the attention.


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