Hi, i’m Sipho Nanzwa

“See I come from a platform that was given to me so if i don’t share mine , it don’t make sense “KWESTA.

  • Founder of Art Residence
  • Brand Ambassador for Play Your Part S.A
  • Chief Creative Brand Ambassador for IYNMF

Awards Collected

  • 2009 Prestige awards Bronze
  • 2010 Prestige awards Bronze

Links about my work

My Bio

I am Sipho Nanzwa a founder of Art Residence and also a Brand Ambassador for Play Your Part S.A. I decided to focus on helping young African artists because of the people I met whose art careers died a terrible death. I want to end the cycle that kills the youth and bridge the gap between artist and industry. The vision doesnt just stop there it goes beyound by educating the parents how art can be a career and why should they support who have a burning passion for art. 

Art Residence is willing to partner with investors, Tv, Radio, Energy Drinks and more so that African child knows that their dreams are valid. If you save youth you save the future, its all upon us to make the world work again it start with you. 

“Leadership is an action not a destination”