Hi, i’m Simphy

Nationality: South African

music genres: Hip hop


Simphy has got so much to offer the South-African music industry and has done this by offering a wide range of entertainment for his fans by working with a whole lot of new, fresh undiscovered talent. He describes his music as a “fresh cup of tea”, reason being that, his music can be enjoyed by fans of different age groups. He also describes himself as a healer because he says he writes words of which he truly believes that they have the power to heal and also says that his music is easy for his target market to relate to. 

He describes his target market as being all the disadvantaged, young positive black people who are thriving for success and a better life. He is very passionate about youth development and has dedicated his life in helping the development of youth activities to keep them away from negative lifestyles such as, alcohol and drug abuse. Simphy practically grew up without a father and has pretty much learnt to be a man on the streets. He wants to teach other young men out there who are without fathers that they can be anything that they want to be, can achieve anything they want, that they are not their fathers and can be better men who are not afraid of responsibility.

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