Hi, i’m Kiss Kiss

Nationality: South African

music genres: Trap Rap


At the age of 23, Keith Fortune Ndlovu aka Kiss Kiss is on a mission to unite with his songs, that’s why he wrote the song African boy. Best known for being a writer, a composer and a motivational speaker, versatile multi-lingual music vocalist. He is looking forward to work with every artist he comes across, and the goal is to be a household name nationwide. Keith fell in love with music at a tender age, he learnt a lot musically from a well-known musician, Akon (he showed him that anything is possible no matter who you are or where you come from).

 He has performed in a lot of public places like; Razzmatazz(JHB), Genesis night pub(Kempton park), unplugged sessions SA, and he is yet to perform in a lot more places.


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